"I have seen the Pfister Sisters perform, both on stage and in the recording studio and find them most exciting and unique" - Allen Toussaint
"If any group could ever represent the sweetness and slightly naughty nature of New Orleans's fairer sex, it would, no doubt, be the Pfister Sisters." - Mary Foster, Associated Press
"But another song, performed on stage by an all-women's swing group, the Pfister Sisters, did not go unnoticied . It sums up the mood of the city while it collectively crosses its fingers and waits for levees to be repaired - "River Stay away from My Door" - USA Today
"The Pfister Sisters, a popular tight-harmony vocal trio that has been entertaining New Orleanians since 1979, turned in faithful renditions of the Boswell Sisters’ “Fare Thee Well, Annabelle” and “Everybody Loves My Baby,” along with the Andrews Sisters’ “The Carioca.” But it was their stirring rendition of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927” (sung with goosebump intensity by original Pfister member Susie Malone Jenner, appearing in a rare reunion with the group, with vocal backing on the chorus by the teenaged daughters of the three Pfisters) that provided the emotional highpoint of their upbeat and thoroughly entertaining set. - BBC News
"The Pfister Sisters are exactly what music SHOULD be...they bring joy to your soul, harmony to your ears, and the best and biggest boogie-woogie to your feet. No part of you can stand still when they start singing! Run, do not walk, to hear them whenever you can!"- Amanda McBroom - composer of Bette Midler’s hit song “The Rose”